About Us


Educate California's mission is to ensure that all California youth GRADUATE prepared for college, careers and life after high school.

We serve 14 - 24 year old low-income, foster and kincare students, their families and organizations that empower youth, by providing them with resources that historically would be provided by high school counselors.

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Since 1998, our LifePrep Academy program has positively impacted thousands of families and our community because they address the:

      • High number of children in foster and kinship care system

In California, more than 60,000 children under the age of 18 are in foster care 1, with an estimated 333,000 youth living in kinship care - with a family member other than their parents.

  • High ratio of students per counselor

The current ratio of students per counselor in this state averages 945 to 1, compared to the national average of 477 to 1, ranking California last in the nation. 2

  • Low high school and college graduation rates for foster youth

In California, 5,000 transition age foster youth complete high school annually – only 58% graduate compared to 84% for all 12th-grade students in the state. Further, of those who do graduate, less than 100 will ever attain a bachelor's degree. 3

(1) KidsData.org (2) CA Dept. of Education - Research on School Counseling Effectiveness (3) Alliance for Children's Rights


Educate California is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Partners.