LifePrep Scholars

LargeGroupStudents1Coming May 2017

The LifePrep Scholars program uses proven crowdfunding technology to assist California foster & kinship care students with raising the money necessary to pursue their college dreams.

We provide a safe, efficient and transparent environment for friends, families and communities to support the educational goals of California's most vulnerable youth.


Step 1: Current and former California foster and kinship care youth (ages 17 - 24) are eligible.

Step 2: Qualifying students must submit the following:

  • Verification of current and former foster or kinship care status
  • Verification of high school graduation and current GPA
  • Verification of acceptance at an accredited community college or university - along with proof of financial need (provided by attending institution)
  • 1 page essay on their journey to graduation, high school accomplishments and career goals

Step 3: Upon acceptance into the program, a Scholar Profile Page (with a short video) is created and the student is provided with links and templates to promote their page.

Step 4: Educate California sends award checks for the amount raised directly to the university on behalf of scholarship recipients. Scholarships will be used exclusively for retiring undergraduate debt and are restricted to the following expenses: tuition, housing and meal plan, books, transportation and health insurance.

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Educate California would like to thank the Max Factor Family Foundation for providing the initial funding to launch the LifePrep Scholars program.

For more information, to apply for the program or to support our Scholars, please contact Eric Moore, Executive Director.