Our History

Eric Moore

Founder & CEO:
Eric L. Moore

It all started with an "F" in English!

That was the headline of the 2002 LA Times story written by Sandy Banks about me and the founding of Educate California. At that time it was Educate LA. She was right, but it actually all began in 1998.

My son was struggling in an LAUSD high school and I wanted to know what resources were available through his school. When I learned that there were over 2,000 students and only 3 counselors to advise them, I began a quest to learn how I could be more engaged in his college and career preparation.

Through my research, I learned that there are many amazing resources for parents and youth. Unfortunately, most busy parents don't have time to do the research I've done. So, for more than 20 years, I've been sharing those resources through on-line and in person workshops.

We've worked with thousands of youth and families over the years, through partnerships with numerous schools and districts, nonprofits, churches, the California State University system, the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles and others.

I am very proud that my research project has helped support the dreams and academic success of so many college bound, transition age and opportunity youth!